Thandie Newton Nude - Westworld S01E06 (2016)

Thandie Newton is sitting on a table in a room with glass walls, having a conversation with a guy. She is completely naked, and we can see her breasts and bare butt as she sits on the edge of the table. The guy talks to her and even touches her hand. In another scene, Thandie Newton is still naked on the table until a guy wakes her up and starts talking to her. We catch a glimpse of her breasts when the camera shows a wider view of the room. In a different scene, Thandie Newton is naked and sitting on a stool while holding a tablet computer. She talks to two guys, and we see her rear nudity a couple of times. Lastly, Thandie Newton is seated on a stool, naked, with her butt visible a couple of times and her breasts visible once. She engages in a conversation with a couple of guys wearing red aprons.