Penelope Cruz Nude in Movie Ma Ma (2015)

Penélope Cruz reclining on her back without a top, while a doctor carefully inspects her right breast, gently running his fingers along its side. Afterwards, Penélope covers her chest with her arms crossed. In another scene, Penélope Cruz exposes her breast as it is pressed into a mammogram machine for a screening. Then, she lies on her back while undergoing a sonogram on her breast, revealing some cleavage as she sits up to converse with a doctor. Penélope Cruz stands in front of a mirror, topless, admiring her shaved head and smiling, showcasing both of her breasts. In a different scene, Penélope stands before a mirror, removing a hospital gown to reveal one breast, while the other has been surgically removed and replaced with a bandage. Penélope Cruz is seen lying on her back on an examination table, going topless, with her left breast visible, while her right breast has been removed through surgery. A doctor then sits beside her, gently rubbing her remaining breast and examining it with his fingers. Penélope Cruz lies on her back without a top, with her left nipple visible as she cradles a baby on that side, while her right breast has been surgically removed. Lastly, Penélope Cruz stands in front of a curtain in a room illuminated with red light, removing her bra as a group of men watch. She reveals her left breast and a CGI scar in place of her right breast. She then confidently walks naked towards the men, displaying her bare buttocks before they surround her.