Kim Yoo-yeon Nude - Purpose of Reunion 2 (2017)

Kim Yoo-yeon lathering up her chest and rear as she showers. Kim Yoo-yeon lying down on the bed while a guy removes her underwear, leaving her completely exposed with her breasts visible as he pleasures her and fondles her breasts. She then flips over and straddles him, revealing her buttocks and breasts as she removes the guy's underwear. This is the first part of a lengthy intimate scene. Kim Yoo-yeon riding on top of a guy, completely naked with her breasts and buttocks in full view as she moves up and down. Later, they continue their passionate encounter with her lying on her back. Kim Yoo-yeon passionately kissing a guy as they undress and make their way towards a bedroom. She then lies down on the bed and the guy takes off her bra, teasingly sucking on her nipples before removing her panties. They proceed to engage in sexual activity. Kim Yoo-yeon lying on her back while a guy engages in intercourse with her and caresses her breasts. They switch positions, with the guy having sex with her from behind as she lies on her side. He places his hand on her breast, then her hip, and finally between her legs. Next, she is seen on her back again with her feet resting on the guy's shoulders as he thrusts into her, almost shown in explicit detail but with a circular blur censoring the view.